SIS is not owned by “wall street,” but rather remains privately held enabling more flexibility and a focus on clients rather than shareholders.

Many have tried imitating SIS’s services and products yet have not been successful.

SIS is positioned as the most cost effective solution, removing obstacles and increasing practice profits by an average of 29% or $125,000 annually.

SIS is a national entity comprised of a who’s who list of strategic alliances and physician/clientele across the U.S.

Diagnostic Service Organizations (DSOs) such as SIS specialize in reducing and controlling diagnostic testing costs for healthcare facilities of all types nationwide.

As overhead costs, time and reimbursement rates  become a deepening concern, efficient and profitable diagnostics components of a healthcare facility is as important as ever.

SISSmart  programs help doctors, administrators and everyone involved by removing the hassles of every day management, reducing costs and ensuring optimal results.

SIS addresses the capital constraints and cost control emphasis physicians are facing by enabling them to more cost effectively provide advanced ancillary healthcare services while retaining better control of their patients and critical nuclear stress test revenues.


Physician practices and healthcare facilities benefit by lowering costs and having a trusted resource caring for the quality of their testing.



  • hiring and training technologists (retaining practice current techs if desired)
  • providing radiopharmaceuticals
  • overseeing and managing licensing and certifications
  • inspections
  • servicing nuclear cameras
  • helping with billing if needed
  • on demand services

Hospitals and Large Healthcare Entities choose SIS to

  • Provide high level of quality at all locations
  • Develop standards and patient care protocols
  • Eliminate out of network referrals due to distances
  • Integrate primary care and specialists services
  • More patient access, more downstream services, more revenue

“By making diagnostics more affordable and convenient, practices are better able than ever before to control the well being of their patients and increase income by more affordably testing patients.”

What is a DSO?

As reimbursement cuts impact profits, practices and facilities are moving away from traditional past structures in favor of DSOs which can cut at least 25 percent of diagnostic testing costs.

Not only can a quality DSO dramatically improve a practice’s profitability and overall bottom line, but the added convenience of having a trusted source can be directly responsible for dealing with the many tedious, ongoing details (personnel, regulatory and otherwise) of the nuclear lab, is invaluable.


University Nuclear Diagnostics client Rafael Nunez, MD, of West Palm Beach, said he typically earns a net profit of at least $400 to $500 for each nuclear stress test done in his office. He’s been testing six or seven patients a week since enlisting University Nuclear Diagnostic’s service almost 3 years ago.

“The most lucrative (services) are diagnostics. A physician can double or triple his income by appropriately utilizing them.”

Like most University Nuclear Diagnostic clients, Nunez leases his camera. One day a week, a University Nuclear Diagnostics technologist comes in to perform services on Nunez’s patients. “University Nuclear Diagnostics has proven to me that, unlike other camera dealers, they stay with you and guide you in all the daily lab operations at no additional cost. That’s peace of mind,” said Nunez.

Some private physician offices and clinics have their own nuclear cameras but contract with University Nuclear Diagnostics to help them reduce costs, increase buying power and optimize radiopharmaceutical purchasing power, daily lab administration, and technologist services.

University Nuclear Diagnostics provides new cameras with full service but is usually asked by clients to maximize cost savings by using refurbished models with the latest computer software packages and complete extended warranty’s. Nunez said he would encourage colleagues who want to boost their bottom line to consider nuclear stress testing, as the country’s aging US population creates a strong market for the diagnostic test.

Why Do Nuclear with Us?

University Nuclear Diagnostics takes away the worry of the hassles while simultaneously saving you money – including nuclear staffing, equipment if needed, daily lab operations, licensing and lab certification, radiation safety and quality control. University Nuclear Diagnostics, with their strong reputation, experience, and unmatched value, is the best resource for all your nuclear diagnostic needs!