Diagnostic Service Organizations (DSOs) such as SIS specialize in reducing and controlling diagnostic testing costs for healthcare entities of all kinds.

Diagnostic Service Organizations (DSOs), se efficiency processes to improve the results within nuclear labs, dramatically improving a practice’s overall bottom line by reducing costs and removing the everyday hassles.

DSO’s such as SIS provide the benefit of having a trusted source become directly responsible for dealing with the many tedious, ongoing details of the nuclear labs, such as the paying of lab personnel, acquisition of isotope, ICANL, Radiation Safety Officer, Physicists, regulatory and compliance matters and more.

This is all done while the facility physicians remains in complete control of what takes place and the patients. This is why we do not refer to it as outsourcing but rather “insourcing.” We are there to help you operate more efficiently and profitably internally, at your location(s).

A DSO assumes the responsibilities and costs of operations, condensing all the necessary tasks into just one invoice for the facility to deal with. DSOs are becoming increasingly popular as health care facilities look to cut costs but maintain quality care for their patients.

By making diagnostics more affordable and convenient, facilities are better able than ever before to control the wellbeing of their patients and increase income by more affordably testing patients.

Especially with reimbursements, and new rules and regulations continually cropping up, it’s easy to understand how hospitals, MSO’s and private practices can become overwhelmed with all of their services, but using a diagnostic service organization (DSO) can help cut costs, delegate responsibilities and whittle down paperwork.

What do we mean by “insourcing?”

In any model, SIS will either retain the practice’s current staff, or hire personnel specifically for the facility.

No matter the case, the practice always retains full authority and control over the lab and staff; with SIS becoming directly charged with their training, salary, and all other lab-related expenses. In utilizing any of SIS’s products, the practices further benefit by obtaining a fixed lower “cost per test” which enables them to more effectively and simply track and contain testing costs whittling down tedious paperwork for practice administrators and physicians. Essentially the client becomes responsible only for the scheduling of patients, with SIS managing, paying and responsible all other aspects of their nuclear stress test lab.