Reducing, Balancing, and Controlling Costs

We enable capitated, at risk entities to provide patients the best possible care at a fraction of the cost.

With a constant focus on Medicare Advantage reimbursement rates and MRA scores significant “spillage,” is often recognized within the diagnostics components of at risk practices. Diagnostic Service Organizations (DSOs) such as SIS specialize in reducing, balancing and controlling costs for capitated entities.

The increase and growth of capitation and healthcare awareness in the population of insured and newly insured patients is clearly a driving force that is clearly a driving force in the ongoing use and popularity of diagnostic testing.

The aging baby boomer population, together with 30,000,000 additional insured patients, comes together for the sustaining and projected sharp rise of utilization in the diagnostic testing community.

71 million or one in three adults suffer from some sort of hidden ailment, with Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) being number one. Diagnostic testing remains the most effective method for the early detection of issues related to vital organs, however is among the number one costs for at risk entities nationwide. With the growing population of Medicare (MA) patients, every practice’s patient base includes a critical and growing mass of patients who are directly at-risk for undetected, potentially dangerous and costly issues.

By making diagnostics more affordable and convenient, providers are better able than ever before to control the well being of their patients and more cost effectively and conveniently than ever.