SISSmartLab™: Optimize Your Existing Nuclear Lab

Among our most popular options, if you are already operating your own nuclear laboratory and want to rest assured that you’re operating at the most economical and highest level of overall efficiency, the SIS SmartLab plan is perfect for you.

Just schedule your patients as usual and SIS will provide and pay for the nuclear technologist services, doses and all else needed for testing.

Using your current equipment (and tech if desired), we will relieve you from the daily operations and headaches of running your laboratory – and do so at a fraction of your current costs – GUARANTEED!

SIS leverages its efficiencies, relationships with pharmacies and a massive nationwide tech labor force and passes the savings to you.

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Plan Details:

  • Complete Radiopharmaceutical purchasing and optimization for your nuclear lab
  • Staffing and (or retaining the facilitie’s existing techs) and daily laboratory operations oversight
  • Efficient patient scheduling and appointment times
  • Measuring devices, testing and calibrations
  • Pre and post test patient preparation and instructions
  • ICANL certification

SISComplete: All Inclusive Ready-To-Run Nuclear Lab with Equipment and Nuclear technologist

For providers and facilities seeking offer patients in-office nuclear stress test, improve patient satisfaction, and increase earnings, SIS offers its complete turn-key program called SIS CompleteLAB. We use brand names including GE and Siemens, new and certified pre-owned nuclear cameras with the latest in updated software. SIS will begin by obtaining the necessary licensing and accreditation for you and then will pay for staff, manage, and oversee all aspects of testing on each day of testing. Essentially all you will have to do is schedule patients, and SIS will do the rest. Costs are kept low due to SIS oversight and efficiency with the facility paying a flat bundled cost per test, and nothing more.

This program is perfect for those who are simply too busy to be involved in the many tedious aspects of nuclear lab installation and then want a specialized DSO ensuring they are operating at maximum levels.

When you decide to provide diagnostic service at your practice, SIS will assist you in every phase of the lab setup. We ensure effectiveness and efficiency from day one and thereafter.



Plan Details:

  • In-office nuclear camera, computer, software, treadmill, hot lab
  • Full equipment warranty including parts and labor
  • Certified nuclear technicians
  • Certified cardiovascular technicians
  • Radiopharmaceutical management
  • ICANL Certification


SISComplete Ultrasound: All Inclusive Ready-To-Run Ultrasound Lab

Have your own in-office ultrasound lab without expensive start-up costs. We have attractive programs that allow you to get started without the initial difficulty in licensing, purchasing, certification, staffing and managing an ultrasound laboratory.
All SIS ultrasound equipment is brand new and comes with extended warranty parts and labor.

Plan Details:

  • Brand new ultrasound equipment
  • Full equipment warranty including parts and labor
  • Certified ultrasound technicians
  • ICAL Certification