SISSmartViewer™ (“SV”)


1. Avoids the planned obsolescence of dedicated systems. Users can immediately benefit from faster computers, more advanced peripherals and operating system improvements as they become available.

2. Is available in two configurations, Acquisition and Remote. The Acquisition system consists of software, one data-acquisition board and an interface assembly. The board and software let you:

  • Acquire data directly from gamma cameras and store the results
  • Display the data as high resolution gray-scale or color images
  • Perform clinical processing of the data and store the results
  • Share data with other programs, such as word processors, spreadsheets, and graphics applications

In addition,

  • Archive the data to a variety of media
  • Print the data and results of processing to hard copy
  • Transmit the data locally or over long distances
  • Share data with foreign systems using SV’s extensive import/export

Using SV images can be transmitted, viewed and read over smartphones, tablets or computers!

SmartViewer Specifications

  • High Performance Gamma Camera Image Acquisition
  • 16 bit analog to digital conversion
  • 300,000 counts per second
  • 64 x 64 through 1024 x 1024 images
  • Body scan, gated, dynamic images
  • SPECT and Gated SPECT images
  • Ultra-High Resolution Image Display
  • 1024 x 768 through 2560 x 1600 monitors
  • Gray scale or color
  • Up to 5 monitors per computer
  • Interactive contrast enhancement
  • Powerful Software for Clinical Applications
  • Simultaneous acquisition and processing
  • Cine display of dynamic images
  • Gated LV ejection fraction
  • First pass RV ejection fraction
  • Real time list-mode processing
  • Gated SPECT reconstruction
  • Interactive Fourier filtering
  • Volume rendering
  • Surface rendering

Frequently Asked Questions

How Good is the Data Acquisition?

SV uses state-of-the-art 16-bit analog-to-digital conversion for the gamma camera signal digitization. Single images, sequential images, dynamic time series images, gated images, SPECT images, and gated-SPECT images can be acquired. Count rates of up to 300,000 counts per second can be handled and images up to 1024 x 1024 pixels can be generated. For time series and gated images, 1/1000 second timing is used. Compare these specifications to expensive, dedicated systems and you’ll find little if any difference. In fact, SV outperforms most dedicated systems.

What About Simultaneous Acquisition and Processing?

Of course! SV process data from one study while another study is being acquired. There is little loss in processing speed at typical count rates and no loss in data acquisition speed.

Is There Much Clinical Software Available?

SV supports all basic nuclear medicine processing including region-of-interest analysis, activity vs. time curves, curve math, image subtraction, split function determination, renal function by plasma samples or image analysis, cardiac ejection fraction analysis by first pass or with EKG gate, shunt quantification by gamma variant fitting, circumferential thallium quantification, SPECT processing, bull’s-eye plotting, etc. In addition, a sophisticated programming interface allows users to write their own routines.

Is Telecommunication/ Teleradiology Supported?

Image data can be remotely transmitted for both display and processing at approximately 5600 pixels per second using standard 56k baud modems. Much higher transfer rates can be achieved over the Internet.

Sample Images

Additional Diagnostic Scan options using the SISSmartViewer™ Upgrade

  • Anterior Bone
  • Brain Slice
  • Bullseye
  • Heart Slices
  • Liver-Spleen
  • Lung Gray Scale
  • Lung Isocontour
  • Phase Histogram
  • Posterior Bone
  • QC Gray Scale
  • QC Inverse Gray
  • Spine Gray Scale
  • Spine High Res
  • Thyroid
  • TTP Filling Rate